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.... and the winner for the best play in English of the Jocs Florals goes to Astrid Pascual. Congratulations. This is her play.
The crabby princess

Once upon a time, in a far away village, there was a princess who everyone was afraid of. Nobody faired to speak with her due to her bad humor. Her father was desperate because he was very old and he failed to found a husband who dared to married her.

The princess Catherin was at her palace in Niama interviewing a knight:

KNIGHT OF BELMORT (with the best enthusiasm he can): my dear princess, your eyes are like the sun, I have come from a very far away village in order to make you fall in love with me.

PRINCESS CATHERIN (with a bored face): Oh, very nice but why didn’t you try to pass next to a hairdresser while you were coming here to see me? You hair is a mess!

KNIGHT OF BELMORT (offended and lying): Oh, no worry, I’ll have my hair cut if you want. I’m completely in love with you, I’m going to do whatever you want.

PRINCESS CATHERIN (rudely): even if you cut your hair you will be as stupid as I see you are! Could someone eject this man from here?!?!

(Dragon Mark comes immediately)

DRAGON MARK: my dear princess, don’t you like this gentleman? He looks awesome!


DRAGON MARK (scared): okay, knight of Belmort, would you like to accompany me?

KNIGHT OF BELMORT (happier than said): yes Sir, it’s a relief I don’t have to marry this woman.

KING OF NIAMA (desperate): dear daughter, you should try to be nicer with your suitors.

PRINCESS CATHERIN: It’s just that this is very boring. Furthermore, they wouldn’t like to marry me and I won’t like to marry any of these stupid knights neither. I cannot be kind with them, I cannot be kind with anyone. I don’t like this people, I don’t like anything of Niama, I would like to leave from here!

KING OF NIAMA (horrified): don’t say that honey, I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose you!

(The dragon Mark enters running)

DRAGON MARK: my princess, my princess!

PRINCESS CATHERIN: what’s going on Mark?

DRAGON MARK: there’s another knight I have catch for you!

PRINCESS CATHERIN (frustrated): come on, this is a nightmare!

KINGHT OF GRUIN: a nightmare? No beautiful princes, I have come to marry with you and have a happy life next to you.

PRINCESS CATHERIN: yes, this is what all say. Well, the fact is that I don’t want to marry you!

KINGHT OF GRUIN: you don’t know what you are saying, we could be bought together looking at the sunset in cosy evenings, don’t you imagine! What a happy live could it be!

PRINCESS CATHERIN: what a sickish man! For me this live would be the worse anyone could have. I don’t like the people like you.

KINGHT OF GRUIN (offended): come on, I am one of your last opportunities to marry with, your dragon has no more knights to catch.

PRINCESS CATHERIN: I don’t care, I don’t want to marry anyone, I’m much better alone! So could you get out of my palace?!?!

(The dragon Mark escorts the Knight of Gruin to the exit. Suddenly another knight comes into the palace)

PRINCESS CATHERIN: Oh no! Another Knight! You don’t have to come unwillingly, I won’t marry any Knight my dragon brings to the palace.

THE NEW KNIGHT: I have come to talk with you willingly, so listen to me.

PRINCESS CATHERIN: Oh, so you have come to talk but not marry me?

THE NEW KNIGHT: I have come to talk to you and to listen to you while others don’t do it. I know you are fed up of this visits made by knights from all over the country. So would you like to go with me outside of the palace?

(Princess Catherin and the new knight are going outside when the dragon Mark stops the knight from carrying away the princess)

DRANGON MARK: where do you think you are going?

PRICESS CATHERIN: get out of our way Mark, I want to go outside this palace, I don’t care if this man is stupid or not, I need a bite of air.

DRAGON MARK: whatever you want, but your dad won’t be happy with that.

(Princess Catherin and the new knight are in the garden’s palace together)

THE NEW KNIGHT: so, how do you feel now in the garden?

PRINCESS CATHERIN (cutting): better than staying inside, but do not get your hopes up, I don’t even know who you are.

THE NEW KNIGHT: I’m Mathew, I know you from ancient times although you don’t remember.

PRINCESS CATHERIN: and why do you think I would like to speak with you?

KNIGHT MATHEW (with a smile): because you are going to fall in love with me.

PRINCESS CATHERIN (sarcastic): yes, surely.

KNIGHT MATHEW: why are you so rude with the people in this country, your dad, your dragon and your suitors?

PRINCESS CATHERIN: well, in fact they are not my suitors, they come unwillingly because they are afraid of my dragon, what tells me they are not as brave as a knight is suppose to be and I am rude with the people in this country because I don’t like them.

KNIGHT MATHEW: I see… You are pissed off with them. They have made you something.

PRINCESS CATHERIN: how do you know it?!

KNIGHT MATHEW (smiling): well, I know it.

PRINCESS CATHERING: yes, it was some time ago when I was thirteen years old, they told my parents I was old enough to not be playing here, in these garden, with one of my best friends. So they force me to pass my youth in the palace, alone, learning how to be a good queen while other children of my age used to play. I had to say bye to my best friend and forget him sadly. Now I don’t even remember his name.

KNIGHT MATHEW: Oh, what a sad story, I feel sorry for you.

PRINCESS CATHERIN: don’t be, it’s just that after what they have done to me I cannot be kind with them. How could you be kind with someone who has not been kind with you, who has broken your childhood?

KNIGHT MATHEW: believe it or not, this made you the same pain as it made to me. I couldn’t have been able to be kind with them neither, but I know everyone can commit mistakes and that maybe they did it in order to ensure a good future for you.

PRINCESS CATHERIN: yes, maybe they were worried of me, of my future as the queen of Niama, maybe they did it for a good reason. But, wait a minute, how did it made you the same pain as it did to me....? Oh! Now I see it! You were my best friend! That’s why you knew they did something but to me, that’s why you tell me at first that you knew me! Yes, I now remember, my best friend’s name was Mathew!!!

KNIGHT MATHEW: yes Catherin, I still remember when we used to meet in this garden, how fun did we have!

(Princess Catherin and Knight Mathew get a heartwarming hug)

PRINCESS CATHERIN (crying): Oh Mathew! It’s a lot of time I don’t see you!

KINGHT MATHEW: yes, don’t you remember anything of us?

PRINCESS CATHERIN: you were my eternal love, we were cast for one and other!

KING MATHEW: yes, since we were separated I have been trying to see you again, but people of the country didn’t let me. I had to leave the realm and now that I am twenty and that I have heart your dragon is trying to catch suitors, I have immediately come to talk with you and make you remember everything.

(Dragon Mark goes to the garden)

DRAGON MARK (furious): hey! What have you done! My princess to crying!

PRINCESS CATHERIN: No Mark! I have found my love, my Knight and my husband. Tell my dear father we are going to marry as soon as we can.

(Princess Catherin and Knight Mathew kiss)

                                                    THE END                                               The playwright

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